Exciting news! My cartoon is appearing in the September 2023 issue of Reader’s Digest. Be sure to grab a physical copy next time you’re at a newsstand and flip to page 44 to see my latest creation.

The cartoon features a character showing all the fun we have trying to login to a website (whoopee!). I had a lot of fun creating it and hope it brings a smile to your face. I am honored to have my work featured in such a prestigious publication and grateful for the opportunity to share my art with a wider audience.

I encourage everyone to support their local newsstands and bookstores by purchasing physical copies of magazines and books whenever possible. Not only does it support small businesses, but there’s something special about holding a physical copy of something you love.

Again, be sure to check out the September 2023 issue of Reader’s Digest and let me know what you think of my cartoon in the comments below.

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