I’ve been planning to do a bit more with my blog than posting some of my cartoons that are published with several of my regular clients, and I guess this blog entry marks the beginning phase of those plans. I’m starting a new section on the blog, and as indicated above, it’s called Pencils To Pixels.

I want to use this segment of my blog to share more with my readers about how I got started in cartooning, the tools I use to create my comics (thus the title), how I manage the business side of cartooning, and many other aspects of the cartooning business, including tutorials, and tips for beginners.

For my first entry, I’ll be posting an article in the coming week about United Business Media, a significant client of mine who really changed things for my cartooning career in the past few years. I think it’ll serve as a good example for young cartoonists as to how you can secure work, and how one job can lead to many others, so stay tuned and check back here later in the week:)




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